Monday, June 08, 2009

We'll be lovers once again on the Bright side of the road

I'm very excited. I have no idea why, just very positive and up.

Boy has his prom tonight, and is getting dressed NOW, I am shooting off sharp cause I want to see him before he goes. He and all his mates are getting a Hummer down to Brig o Doon - nothing like the best for them. Very sophisticated, it's a beautiful place, and it is such a nice day they are bound to have a ball.

Toolibelle, is working on a French essay, and is very blase about her brothers exciting evening. She has excitement of her own. a very heavy weekend, with Guides in Lochgoilhead - She was sleeping on her feet when she got home last night. Still sleeping this morning, but awake enough to slap the make up on, and doll herself up for school. I've just been chatting with her on the phone...she has much news to share with me, but not news that I can share here. Too much information for the good folk of Troon, but suffice to say, if all things come to pass, life will get a little more complicated for me and her dad. She has a Physics trip tomorrow. She is much looking forward to. Am hoping it is because of the subject matter, and NOT the company.

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