Sunday, June 14, 2009

I hear Your Footsteps in the Street, It won't be long before We meet

Troon has been beautiful today. The sun was shining, it was so warm, i didn't have a headache, it was all good.

We've done some shopping, we've lazed around, and all fell asleep in the sun at one time or another. Now we've ate too much, and we are sitting around, clouds have come over, and it isn't quite as bright, but we had such a lovely weekend.

Yesterday was exhausting. We left Troon at 8 am to get up to Edinburgh, dropped Tool at Pleasance, and wandered from St Mary's Street, right up The Royal Mile, Down the Castle Terrace, along Grindlay Street, wandered the Farmers market, enjoyed the smells and sounds, down Lothian road, along Princes Street, which was a BIG mess with all the tram works. Heard the 15 Gun Salute for the Queen's Birthday - with EVERY blast making me jump. Back across the Bridges, back to the Car on St Mary's Street, then along the Cowgate to the Grassmarket, had lunch, just missing the rain, and then headed back along The Royal Mile again, to the car and off to Meadowpark Stadium to watch the volleyball. GB Ladies were playing Romania and the GB Men were playing Croatia. OMG The speed of play, was amazing, the jumps the strength of play. Tooli was Court Sweeping -great excitement there, because the game was being televised, so we are hopeful that Tool's butt will be seen, sweeping across the courts at every time out! Woop

Boy was Stewarding which consisted of him wearing a red t-shirt and sitting with one of his team mates! Lovely. Easy Job!

We eventually made it home for just after 10! Wow How exausted were we!

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