Friday, November 27, 2009

The Friday 5, Courtes

What television series finale did you particularly enjoy?
Quantum  Leap.  I loved Sam's jumping into other people, I was distraught when it finally finished, and my husband and I sat for hours, contemplating the pro's and cons of being trapped forever fulfiling the will of what Sam believed to be God and that there was no fixed outcome which would release him from his destiny.  I miss Sam and Al. I do. But I see Sam in Enterprise, and I see Al in Battlestar Gallactica. 

What television series finale did you think was a disservice to the series as a whole?
 Dead Like Me!  How you could end a series like that, with no conclusion. Oh My God. I just remembered another one... Now and Again.  How awful was that ending.... he escaped, they were after him he was with him family they knew who he was.... it had the potention to be such a different ending, but they left it hanging in the air. I LOVED THAT PROGRAMME!

What is your favorite dessert?
Tirmamisu. Most definitely. Mine, Sofia Lorens, My husband, Frankie and Benny's . It matters not a jot. give me sponge and marscapone and I'm happy!

What were the circumstances surrounding your most dramatic exit from a room? My dramatic exit was not from a room, but from outside, into a room. I got up to help my neighbour fit a baby seat in his car, and as I stood there talking to him, i looked down at the puddle forming between my legs, and looked up and said to him, "oh bloody hell, look at that I'm pee'ing myself, and I can't stop.  His realisation was quicker than mine... and he ran off to get his mum, screaming "helen's in labour".  I turned and ran quickly into the house...

If you could choose any symbolic way to end 2009, how would you end it?

A Big party where I burnt all my bank statements and credit card bills, because I won the Christmas Lottery and paid everyone off!

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