Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gonna Break out of the city, leave the People here behind....

Another late night last night and again I was with wee-devi and again we were at a comedian. 

This week, I enjoyed it more. I wasn't left saddened by the experience.   Julian Clary last week, was like a sad and bitter version of his former snappy bitchy self and it was uneasy to watch I felt.  People were laughing, but to me, they sounded as if they were forcing it out. Much ho ho ho ho ing, and it wasn't really that funny. 

Last night, Eddie Izzard.  Complete other end of the scale.  Whereas Julian was at the Pavillion which perhaps suited his faded and dated self Eddie was in the SECC - a couple of halls banged together I think.... perhaps in the region of 10,000 people there. I think the hall has capacity of 12,500 seated! It was unbelievable to see all these people filing in, - they weren't even all seated when he came on stage. 

We were so far away, I could barely make him out on Stage, but there were 50 ft screens on stage, so he was very visible.   You forgot sometimes, that he was the little spec on the stage, and what we were watching was no more than a TV performance.   Wee-Devil however, could see better than I could (I've lost my glasses by the way, has anyone seen them?).  She even spotted Beardo across the hall..... I was pissing myself laughing... All i could see was a mass of heads... she was actually able to pick out Beardo and all her mates sitting probably about half a mile away. ha ha ha!

Anyways, in honour of Eddie today I have read the terms and conditions of a competition BEFORE i signed the agreement!

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