Sunday, November 08, 2009

What color is your watch?
Silver. All of them. The Fake Rolex, the Bangle, The Swatch.  Silver is my Watch Colour.

What do you think of when you hear “Australia”?

Koalas, Barbeques, Beaches, Surfing,

Would you strip for money?

I would strip for money, but I think I would make more money getting money to prevent me taking my clothes off.  Not too pretty a sight!

Do you go in a fast food place or just hit the drive thru?#

Hit the Drive Thru. I hate the people who are in these places..... And to be faced with a team of servers who lack the appropriate attitude for a place like this is mind numbing

What is your favorite number?
6 - I gave birth to my son in Room 6. I decided that morning, 6 was my lucky number.  Sadly, it didn't make the birthing process easy. It was almost 24 hours long, and easily the most excruciating experience I have ever.
Who’s the last person you talked to on the phone?
My Boy.  The one I gave birth to in Room Six. I missed his message telling me when to collect him, and he phoned to find me.
Any plans today?
Today, almost done. The plan was, get up be busy and constructive. Unfortunately, unplanned hangover did for me.  I had to drag myself out of bed and take Tooli Belle to Remembrance Parade. She decided at last moment to go... hmmm.   I did that, and then headed back to bed. Lay around comatose for about 3 hours, and then dragged myself back up, and tried to tidy myself up. Yawn. What a waste of a day!
In how many states have you lived?
Ayrshire, South, But it was once called Strathclyde for a while, does that count as 2?  City of Edinburgh, Kingdom of Fife, Lanarkshire.
Biggest annoyance right now?
Wasting my day, after drinking too much last night!  What a waste!
Last song listened to?
Rock DJ sung by the Moronic Duo, that is John and Edward.
Can you say the alphabet backwards?
No! Why would I need to.
Do you have a maid service clean your house?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha That is a really funny question.
Favorite pair of shoes you wear all the time?
I only do one pair of shoes at a time. The last pair I had I sold on Ebay to a foot fetish fiend. ha ha ha Yes, he actually bought a pair of shoes which were falling apart, stinking, and rotten!
Are you jealous of anyone?
Yes, Gary Barlow's wife.  I think he must sing songs to her!
Is anyone jealous of you?
When I was at school, a girl once wrote my name, in biro all over a new text book.  When she was asked why she had done it, she said "because I don't like everything she has". The teacher said she was jealous of me! I was a mediocre at best student -Mid Grades everywhere. I had a small group of friends, I wasn't one of the "populars",  I couldnt see what she had to be jealous about.... but there you go!
Do you love anyone?
I love everyone I have.
Do any of your friends have children?
What do you usually do during the day?
Working.  9 - 5.30
Do you hate anyone that you know right now?
I don't waste energy on hate. Karma gets them in the end.
Do you use the word hello daily?
I do indeed.  As I do also, Gorgeous!
What color is your car?
What size wedding ring do you wear?
My finger sized.
Are you thinking about someone right now?
Yes, My husband, he is sitting opposite me, and is lovely. I love him to bits.
Have you ever been to Six Flags?
I'm not sure what Six Flags is.
How did you get your worst scar?
None of my scars are bad.  I have a wee one on my head, where I was hit by a swing when I was 5.  I have a scar on my nose, where I had a horrible mole removed, but it is perfectly shaped down the side of my nose. I have a laparoscopy scar in my belly button, but I think it is cute, a hysterectomy scar, which is perfectly cut against the curve of my belly, so is lovely also.  I have a new one today.  On my lip. Maybe it will be my worst... A stitch fell out today. and it might be open a wee bit.  But my lips are gorgeous anyways, so a wee scar isn't going to make any odds.

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