Sunday, November 01, 2009

It’s been a long road - getting from there to here.

It's been ages since I actually sat and wrote, so now I am getting down to it.

Life is exceptionally busy. Kids both playing volleyball til their kit is soaked, Tooli, with the added excitement of Hockey.   Boy is applying for jobs every day, but the lack of availability on Saturdays and Sundays is making him undesirable.  On the good side, he got great results in his SATs so the step towards USA is a little bit closer.

I'm working 9-5.30 every day, typing Monday - Thursday evenings (if I can), and Reiking on a Friday.   Si was catering my mum's birthday last week, so he was flat out Thursday til the party got underway. We were all shattered on Saturday.  But it doesn't stop. Tooli had hockey bus to catch at 8.10, Boy had to go and get to Volley for 10!,  We finallyl dragged ourselves together and went to watch Tooli, and were highly entertained by Boy trying to rip his heart out being bored line judging her match.

Today, Si is away already to Bathgate / Livingston - Boy has Jnr National League matches over there.  I am about to wake the Tool, she has matches in Troon, which isn't so bad, and while she is doing that, I will do the shopping and try and drag this house together.

Last night I turned into Grumpy old woman, and shut off lights, and closed the door to Guisers!  I just wanted peace and quiet in me hoose - and not to be disturbed by a stream of weans and their parents marching in demanding sweets and savories in return for a poem, or song! Although I have to admit each year, there was usually one really good filthy joke, made better by it being told by a 10 year old! ha ha ha


  1. where in the US is your son wanting to go? i know all about being busy busy busy. things never slow down over here either.

  2. Anywhere with a great volleyball squad! You looking for a live-in baby sitter! ??