Friday, November 20, 2009

I hope you'll understand, this time is just for me...

After my stress of last week where my life didn't seem to be my own any more, I am looking forward to a weekend of relative relaxation.

Toolibelle is away to Edinburgh for the Weekend, with the Guides for her Baden Powell Award Trip.  A weekend full. I wouldn't have minded going.... Cinema tonight for New Moon.... wow!  tomorrow, shopping, Dynamic Earth, Parliment, Castle, Museum.... Finishing off with Frankie and Benny's for tea on Sunday night! What a brilliant trip!

Boy is out to the pictures tonight, with Girlfriend, also New Moon... I'll wait for the DVD!  Tomorrow both of them are going away to Volleyball .

Me, I'll be laying in my bed!  I'm going to house work tonight, assuming I'm feeling okay.  I have been plagued with Migraine since yesterday morning. It didn't feel so bad, and so I lay in bed sleeping til 1030, and went into work, but the head was still nagging.  I went back to bed when I got home, but even at that still felt awful when I went back to bed at 11.

This morning, felt okay, got to work, and went rapidly went downhill. By lunchtime i could barely lift my head, and since then I've been in bed...... Am up now, but very delicate. I'll not be doing much. Think I'll probably head to bed soon.

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