Thursday, November 05, 2009

Got to Find Me an Angel........ In My Life.....

I've got one!  My Si, is my angel. he looks after me and loves me, and I am enternally in love with him in return.  I can't look after him - I'm pretty damn useless that side of things, but he's happy with me loving him.

Anyways, I said I hoped I'd be better by the end of the week, and bloody hell I am! Is amazing! yesterday I was feeling pretty pap. But today, after a great nights sleep I feel amazing! Awake, Alert, no pain, nothing all wonderful!  The lip is looking okay.... the stitches have settled and the swelling has gone down.... only problem i have now, is licking them!  It is like having little hairy bits  on your lip - or little dried bits of skin, and the inclination is to nip them, But I mustn't I mustn't!

Is keeping it really clean tho - just little holes where the stitches went in now, and the little stitches coming out. no blood, no scabs.  Is all good!

Last night Me and K-bob went to see Julian Clary. Bit sad!  He wasn't as quick or bright as he usually was. Maybe it was the venue ( Pavillion), it isn't quite as flash as you might expect, maybe it was his age, - he was "celebrating" being 50, although I thought he was rather depressed as he recounted high lights from his life... strictly..., Joan Collins Fan Club, Fanny the Wonder Dog, Norman Lamont. .... It was all very humdrum ho drum, and a lively gay audience enjoying every minute.

Ah Well. There is always hope for Eddie next week.

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