Thursday, April 23, 2009

99% off Anything in the World, As Long as it is Less than 500 Squids!

99% of anything in the world.

I thought instantly of the most expensive thing I could buy and then sell on Ebay. However, the biggest anything I could buy, would probably wipe me out in Postage Costs.

So I read the terms, Up to a Value of £500.00.... Hmmmm

I asked the question to my husband. "there's nothing I want", he said. "What if you HAD to buy something", I said, "hmm, nothing I can think of". "look you have to have something!" He finished with "I'd take us all away for the weekend (that would be four of us, and we are very cheap and easy to please - 500 would be more than enough).

I asked the question to my daughter, the reply was as expected "put it in the bank". Does that work. If I say £500.00 to put in the bank, would you give me £495.00, if I opened the bank account?

I asked the question to my son, but he was either (a) playing volleyball or (b) gazing lovingly at his girlfriend while she played volleyball - He would buy new volleyball trainers, probably, or keep the money for his holiday.

All in all, a very content family. No one wants for anything, and they were all struggling to think of something to buy for £500.00.... what are we like? What are we going to do when we win the lottery!

I think I will go for my husband's suggestion - but compromise a bit on it. Our holiday this year, is £550.00 - I have already paid a deposit of £100.00, so the money would cover that. Where are we going? The Tiny Isle of Shuna off Oban. No Electricity. No TV. A little motor boat to drive around in. My idea of heaven - Heaven with Cream if someone else was paying for it!

99% of Heaven!

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