Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I used to think it was so complete.

Life is exhausting, Exhausting, but fun.

After last night - Si ran me to work this morning, which in itself was lovely, Auditor was in to check my accounting. It's all going well so far, I've found all the bits of paper he is checking for, and able to answer all his questions. It involved a bit of lugging boxes around - I archive religiously, but at least I found everything.

Si came and picked me up - here we are driving home. Do you see the sunshine, and lack of jackets??? Yes Sunshine happened today, it was glorious.

We got home - via Morrison, and the Station, and then I had to go back out , because we lost Boy. He had been in Edinburgh for Open Day at Napier.... Came home and insisted that the train didn't stop at our stop. Hmmm. I wonder.

Home, - Tooli out to Volleyball, I just sat down for some strawberries and cream, and the phone went. Tooli. You are supposed to be at Belgium meeting tonight. Back into car, back to school, up to the meeting, where I heard everything I've heard for the last three years, and listened to the new mum's worry about whether their kids would be taken care of. If there is one thing I have learned from Boy's six years (almost) at Marr, it's that you can trust these teachers to take care of your kids like they were their own... they can't afford not to - someone is bound to sue the pants of them if they don't. I find that the kids have a ball on these trips, and come home a little wiser and a little more experienced with the world.

What will be funny is that Si and me will be all alone, Thursday thru Monday!!!! How weird is that going to be! We're going to have to get to know each other all over again! - And Tooli - THAT MEANS WITH NOISE!!!!!!

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  1. i love the feeling of sunshine on my face when it's been cold outside. sometimes (doesn't matter much what time of year) - when they've had the air conditioning on full blast at work, i'll go sit in my car that's been heated by the sun to near sauna levels. aaaahhhhhh..... love the warmth!