Sunday, April 26, 2009

People Say, I'm the LIfe of the Party

I am having a lovely weekend.

Yesterday, I had lunch with Wee-Devil, which was delightful. Her capacity to eat, and remain an incy tincy little figure amazes me.

She managed 3.5 courses yesterday. I say 3.5, because she had gotten started in about her main course, when we decided (together) that the chicken was a bit pink! The Duty manager didn't think it was, but was happy to trade it should we wish! Of course we bloody wished. It was pink.. What do you get from Pink Chicken? Salmonella? Tiramisu? Or Something Similar.

Anyway. Suffice to say, it went back to the kitchen, and Tool and I finished, before hers came back to the table. .... By which time she had consumed a portion of fries, and was feeling quite satiated, but didn't disappoint and finished the refurbished meal.

Then we had Pud! O MG I Love Pud I do. Not that my Spaghetti Carbonara Wasn't gorgeous, but Pud Is Best.

Tool was with us - Always a pleasure, but getting less so, because she is so gorgeous, and skinny and gorgeous, and gorgeous. Did I mention she was gorgeous? She is very glam, and makes me feel very redundant mother.

Boy, had another first yesterday. Stag Party! Ha ha ha ha Probably about the same age I was when I first experienced Hen parties.... Maybe a little older.

Train to Glasgow (drinking on the train... why did no one arrest them???). Pints and harrassing Hen Parties in the City, and then off to the Dogs! Boy done me proud. Realised when he was on a winning streak and stopped betting (£100 up), and stopped drinking when he realised he was beyond redemption.

I locked the door before he came home because we very strangely had a burg-le-are this week in the street. (Very very unusual occurrence around here). (and that is the way I SPELL AND SAY IT). So I text him and told him to phone my mobile when he was nearly home so I could open door. Typically his phone died, and at 1.30 am I was awoken by Burg-le-are knocking the door to get in! HUmph. He was very concerned cause I looked a bit perturbed, but that is what I look like when I am disturbed by breaking and entering at 1.30 in the morning.

It could have been worse!

My Si is up a hill (Where Else I hear you ask). One called the Cobbler. Aw. I will go up a hill with him one day. I will.

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