Monday, April 13, 2009


So, back to our lovely weekend in Edinburgh.

You can see the photos at the foot of yesterday - We drove down the Bridges, across to Leith Walk and right down past the Terminal... Ocean Terminal or Queens Terminal or something... New shops in Leith. It's all fancy down there now. It used to be really awful, but now is very classy.

We headed out for Crammond and parked up alongside another 50 cars, and padded along the beach. After some in- and outing we kept walking into water, rather than along the line of the waves, we made it to the walk way. You can only reach Crammond Isle within 2 hours either side of the low tide mark. There were literally hundreds of people following the path over, and families scrambling all over the hills on the isle. I sat on my butt at the foot of the hill and enjoyed the sunshine, while Si (who loves hills), scrambled up to the top.

We set off home after stopping briefly at Giles Centre for a Starbucks. WOw. That was necessary. We unpacked and then bimbled down to the Towers for a "Last Night without the Sprogs" Supper. Lovely. I had prawns in Filo Pastry and Si had haddock and Chips. It was a bit scrummy but definitely signalled the end of eating and drinking. Boy were we stuffed. We walked very slowly home, and then sat comotose on the couch, trying to let the effects of a day and a half of eating and drinking sink in, and then headed up to bed...which was very very welcome.

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