Sunday, April 12, 2009

And my heart beat fast as I came through the door

Si and Me are just back from a stay over in Edinburgh. Weekend away without the Kids, first time in too many years.

We had a ball. We were staying at the Radisson on the Royal Mile. Heaven. We were a bit confused by the Carpet on the Bed.. or is this a new Colin and Justin thing I'm not aux fait again. Once we arrived, we left immediately and headed down the road to look for a Jewellers Shop - A customer in the marina had told me that his daughter had this jewellers shop and I should call in. Unfortunately I didn't, cause the girl behind the counter scared me a bit. I hope that wasn't his daughter.

We went for a pint to the World's End bar, and discovered a lovely 8 pub crawl card, which if you got stamps from 6 of the pubs, you got a free t-shirt. We did two of them, and set off across Princes Street, to find the Leith Ones., but we couldn't find them, and settled for just any old pub crawl. We hit Rose Street, had a couple, and then headed back up the mound towards the Royal MIle, where we partook of The Jolly Judge, and the Ensign Ewart.

We headed back down the Mile to the hotel to collect jackets cause the sun was going down, and then headed out for eats . We very luckily found Gordons Trattoria - and grabbed the last seat available without a booking.... and without having to wait.

Si had Seafood Risotto, and I had Raviloi in a Cream Sauce, and a bottle of the House Plonk between us. Yum.

Back out again, and this time we headed for Victoria Street, and down the Grassmarket. We went into the Last Drop and then headed down the way towards The Bee Hive where I sat outside, in my favourite position in Edinburgh.

MOre about today, tomorrow. Sleepy Now.

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