Wednesday, April 08, 2009

And I, I've got to have my way now, baby

I never realised how difficult it was to generate interest in something that only you have interest in. Hmmm. SNOW HOLE Vote for Snow Hole Am going for Subliminal messaging now.

So, kids are going to Belgium tonight / tomorrow morning. We have to be at School for 4 am tomorrow morning. I have left them instructions to do the last of their shopping tonight - mostly toiletries - Tool bought up all the fashion stores at the weekend, tho why exactly she needs a new wardrobe for three days of volleyball tournaments is beyond me!

Si and I are building up to a weekend alone. First time in years....... 19 years to be exact. what will we talk about..... Will be soooo excellent, and no we won't have a problem. I never have a problem talking.... And we are off work. I am trying to work extra hard and fast today, just to make sure I have everything cleared, or ready to go while I am away. I also have a Reiki tonight, and 4 on Friday. I got stuck in about the actual essay for OU last night, not just the "planning" stages of it. How lovely it is to use your brain for creative pieces? Busy Busy Lady. SNOW HOLE Vote for Snow Hole

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