Thursday, April 16, 2009

And While I'm Worth, My Room on This Earth

Back to work. Jees. Am exhausted. Getting out of my bed was traumatic, not that I even lay that late while I was on holiday.

The sun was shining which made it better, but hey, I'd far rather be laying outside in the garden, than sitting in the office. The wind is blowing wildly today - I don't envy anyone trying to sail today, - they'll either get blown back the way they are coming, or blown directly where they are going. No inbetweens.

Tool is having a sleep over tonight - which is going ahead despite a strop last night. She was going for the train at 8.00 pm, dolled up to the nines. I told her Dad I would prefer it if he walked with her. You can imagine the reaction that had. I brought it up on the way home, and she stropped about it. Said she wasn't but as she never spoke to me all the way home, I believe there was most definitely a strop. Deary Me. We didn't have this problem with Boy.

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