Friday, April 10, 2009

And I would Have stayed up all night with you

Quiet House.

Is true what they say, you forget what life was like without kids.

Our two are away in Belgium playing Volleyball. We've had a couple of text from them - they are both okay and not worrying about us. Boy was slightly worried that I might wear his dad out.... but he's okay on that count (for now).

We indulged in a wee drink last night. And I lay in bed watching some god -awful crap on TV this morning. Thank god I work. Si went out for a walk. Up to Dundonald Hill and back. I would have gone with him (Promise) but he walks far too fast for me, and I would have been gasping for breath before the end of the street.

We've bimbled down to the supermarket, got a couple of things for tea, and now I'm entering competitions madly while he prepares our Chickpea feast. I'm reiking tonight, and while I'm doing that, he is going to go and do things at the Scout hall. All good.

Tomorrow. We are going to EDINBURGH. I am SOOOO Excited. We are staying in Radisson - I was going to cancel for Travelodge, but everywhere is booked up. We are just going to bimble and drink. How lovely to have a little freedom. Don't get me wrong, I'm missing the kids, I really am, but it is rather nice, to be able to bimble freely for one weekend, (in 18 years),with no requirement to be at hockey, or volleyball, or to pick up from Cinema, or drop off at friends houses.

Thank you Mr and Mrs Reid, I really love you.

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