Monday, May 11, 2009

And I think to myself......

On Saturday Boy and Si were running / walking for Scouts / Explorers.

Si walked with the Scouts, from the Scout Hall to The Prestwick Caravan Park, onto the Beach and Back along to Troon. Boy, was dropped at Dundonald Castle, and he and 11 other Explorers / Leaders ran the 13k back to Troon, this included through Forest, up the side of a hill, and through fields.

Had this been a beautiful day, it would have been a joy. As torrential rain started at 9.30 am, and continued until 2 pm, both of them were drowned and aching.

Sunday dawned a far more beautiful day. We got up reasonably early for us, and got stuck in about the days tasks. We were heading to the pictures at 12! Typical, why didn't we book for Saturday when being inside wouldn't be a problem. As it was, we managed to get both kids to come with us. Star Trek ..... Aw. I love Spock I do.

The weather was still great when we came out at 2.30, and we spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden, while Boy Studied and Tool Piddled around.

After dinner eaten outside in the garden, we lit out new fire pit, how lovely was that, to sit in the setting sun, with a little fire going. Tooli was in her element, - I think there is a little of the hereditary piromaniac in there, poking fire and finding things to cook! Bananas and chocolate after 2 minutes are nice, after five minutes not so!

After fire, Superhero Movie called. O M G It is soooo bad. Laugh out loud moments but moments of total cringe too!

Bed, and then it starts all over again!

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