Tuesday, May 12, 2009

While the sun smiles Stick around and laugh a while


I have discovered Audio Boos! Click the link above to hear last nights!

I'm not quite sure of the possibilities of purpose of this, but I think it is quite nice to spread noise about....... This is a lovely Birdie Boo which I recorded last night while out "running (1)

This One

The next one, is the noise of us sitting round fire pit the other night, I wanted you all to hear the lovely crackle of the wood burning, but It's quite distant and there is the noise of me sniffing (with A cold I add, and not me literally "sniffing" anything off any tables). In order that you can hear what wood burning should sound like... here is my third and last Boo of the day, which was my Woodwick candle... which sounds like a bonfire should.


1. For "running" read, walking fast, panting, shuffling legs a l
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ittle faster than walker, crying loudly, declaring broken ankle, and respiratory problems.

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