Saturday, May 16, 2009

And I would any for another minute with you....

Funny Friday yesterday.

Boy had Advanced English Higher, Tooli was hill climbing (Yes, Sorry Wee-Devil, they are all at it), Si was working and then Scouting, and I was... here.

I did walk / run. I got Boy to drop me at School and I walked/Ran back, I'm doing the same this morning except from Town. Si is heading up a Hill (Yes, Wee-Devil, it is quite sad, but the truth is, a lot of this running / walking I'm doing it hoping to lead me to a place where I too, can jog up the hills with them).

I made a lovely curry for tea last night, I don't excert myself too much in the kitchen, but I did make an effort last night, and tonight I'll make the effort probably for Tooli... Boy will probably be out again, and Si will still be up a hill.

One thing I did do creatively last night was begin petitioning..... Marr College needs Astroturf pitches. We (we as in the Town of Troon, and the School of Marr) have some of the BEST grass playing fields around, but the children's teams are beaten useless when they play away, because all the rebuilt schools are training and playing on Astroturf which makes the game faster and harder. Yes of course the teams do better when playing at home, but they still can only train with the pitches are worthy. I emailed all the Local Councillors yesterday, the Local MP the Local MEP, Sport Scotland and the Lottery. Of the 5 Lottery Grants I found on their site which were "suitable", - we were disallowed on two of them because 1. we were a school, and 2. because it didn't highlight the heritage?? the other three ran out of date in August 2008?

What is the point in that?

I'm going to try Tom Hunter, Colin Mongomery, and anyone else I can think of from Troon who might have a bit of dosh!

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