Monday, May 11, 2009

Help Me Make the Most of Freedom, and Of Pleasure....


Tonight, I got up off my butt!

Tool and I walked 6 minutes, ran a minute, walked 6 minutes, ran a minute, walked another 6 minutes, ran a minute, and then sat at grans for 20 minutes while we (or sorry I) caught our breath and then headed back.

Walked 6 minutes, tried to run a minute lasted 30 seconds. Walked six minutes, and ran a minute, and I really ran. Walked another 4 or 5 minutes and then ran the last 20 yards home.

Then I went outside and collied the ropes while Boy and Tool did the Double Dutch. Well Boy actually did double dutch, Tool bounces about a bit and laughs loads!

Now I am keeled over in front of PC thinking about shower and bed! Notice that Tooli looks fantastic, while I look like death!

Oh My Weans! love them to bit.

Also love my Man who stood and did the ironing while watching crap TV!

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