Saturday, May 09, 2009

Unfortunately meme!

I got the wrong end of this meme.... they said, "google "unforunately your name", but all I got was references for Unfortunately Your Name meme".

Then it dawned on me, "Unfortunately Helen" is what I was supposed to say....

Unfortunately, Helen refused to take no for an answer, (as is always the case)
Unfortunately, Helen is the last of her kind. (Yes, I'd agree with that)
Unfortunately, Helen, as the fairest of her sex, (most definintely)
Unfortunately, Helen was easy prey for unscrupulous people. YEs, I am
Unfortunately, Helen was the bride of Menelaus. No My Husband is Simon
Unfortunately, Helen had to commence the CTS 30 miles from Perth What is CTS? Is that were Keifer is?
Unfortunately, Helen was thrown away by the studio. Aw. And I hoped for a career in Acting!
Unfortunately, Helen liked to gamble and by all accounts she wasn't ... I won 85 on Friday!
Unfortunately, Helen doesnt pick up on the fact the Kitty doesnt ... Like to be swung round by the ankles
Unfortunately, Helen's anorexia confounded such a softly, softly approach So Much so, that at 23 stone, she still believed herself to be anorexic
Unfortunately, Helen stopped taking her medication and was hospitalized during a psychiatric crisis One of many I'm afraid!
Unfortunately Helen Terry, would never out live her Culture Club days as a solo artist That was a certainty!
Unfortunately, Helen was rather unlucky in getting work, she did have a short spell working for Northampton Council And very nice they were too!
Unfortunately, Helen Merrill never really lived up to the promise of this album I never was the best singer.
Unfortunately, Helen's dress looks a little like a safety . Jacket / Life Belt?
Unfortunately, Helen didn't have much contact with them, she was a black sheep of sorts Yes, I behaved myself, unlike my sister and mother!

Unfortunatelies were a bit distressing, so I treated myself to some Happilies!

Happily, Helen's Hoo Bears are very popular, Ho bears? Dirty Pole Dancers?
Happily, Helen Hunt takes the Oscar for best Actress in a Sit Com
happily, Helen also has left the Sans Souci Which is a boat we sold last week, and I sure won't be going away with it!
Happily, Helen will return to the screen in Rajiv Sharma's Bachpan I'm a bollywood superstar?

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