Sunday, May 03, 2009

Do you Believe in Life after Love?????

Sunday Stealing: The Twenty Firsts Meme

First Job: Pot Washer in a Restaurant

First Real Job: Bank Officer

First Favorite Politician:Margaret Thatcher

First Car:Suziki thing, looked great, wouldn't go for very long!

First Record/CD: Two Little Boys. Rolf Harris (or Snoopy V. The Red Baron)

First Sport Played: Netball

First Concert: Slik. Glasgow Apollo, see the link, for set list!!! Feb 1975! I was 11.

First Foreign Country Visited: Spain

First Favorite TV Show: Jees, Can't remember, Fingerbobs??? Watch with Mother?

First Favorite Actor: Maybe, Paul Michael Glazer from Starsky and Hutch? That is about as far back as I go?

First Favorite Actress: Farah Fawcett.... Wanted her hair!!

First Boyfriend: I didn't know, but a boy came back to school after he left, and all the boys were shouting "here's your boyfriend..." First I knew about it. His name was Richard.

First Encounter with a Famous Person: First encounter I can think of, was having members of Wet Wet Wet coming into the Restaurant I managed. Boy, did that spoil any illusions I had of fame and fortune.

First Brush With Death: Walking round Wastewater. . . . We nearly died surely!

First House/Condo Owned: 44 Struan Drive, Inverkeithing. Quarter Villa. Very nice it was too, apart from being in Inverkeithing, and next door to the meanest maddest witch in the world.

First Film Seen: Bambi

First Favorite Recording Artist: First, or first I'd admit to? ha ha ha. Bay City Rollers were my first "crush", henceforth leading to them being my Very Very Favourite recording artists. Though, looking back, I can see you could really hardly call them artists?

First Favorite Radio Station: Radio Luxemburg, with it's brilliant "Tampax Tampons, because, you are a WOMAN today adverts... tee hee

First Book I Remember Reading: Jees. I can't remember. Please don't take that wrongly. I do read, I do, lots and lots. However, the first... nope. Can't remember

First Meme You Answered on Your Blog: I think probably Friday5. I think it was the first one I stumbled over.

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