Saturday, May 02, 2009

Done Too Much, Much Too Young

Okay, so no alcohol today. Couldnt' am too tired! But thinking I won't anyway - It just doesn't agree with me.

Managed to drag myself from my pit about 11, and Si and I got some shopping... Boy went "out to see who he could find". and Tool went to Ayr.. Pictures I think, and then shopping. They met up and Boy brought tool home. I lay and slept in the garden.

Up to work at 4 for Hog Roast Prep. Didn't really do much til 5.30.... and then we went to Llanthony for their "Launch" party. - What a beautiful boat. It is a Dunkirk ship, and has slept Edward and Mrs Simpson, and Profumo and Christeen Keeler. history? Eh!

Back over to the shed and the next two hours passed pretty quickly. Hog gone. Completely. I had the best piece of crackling ever - caramalised from roasting, and coated on the inside with beautifully moist strips of pork. Mmmmm.

Mum came over, - managed a roll and a drink, before Si, Boy and Tool shouted her out for being a litter lout, and then Boy sidled up to her for a lift home, to get to see girlfriend.

Si got drunker, Tool sat in car. I cleared tables, stacked chairs and eventually resorted to switching off the lights and still the stragglers straggled.

Back home, Si thru up..... I've had a cup of tea, chatted to mum, put the bunnies away, and now I'm heading up to bed. My eyes are shutting. Too busy a weekend.

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