Saturday, May 09, 2009

Every Time you Go Away..... You Take a Piece of me

Oh No.

Tony the Fish is dying. Dilemma. What do I do? Do I flush? or Nurse?

Last time, I decided to flush, and I regretted it ever since, especially when I cried for 30 minutes afterwards, and next morning colleagues asked after the saga of the dying fish. Guilt was written all over my face, and they KNEW, they KNEW I had killed the fish. It got worse. next morning, they had black armbands on, and had gone so far as to get a blow up fish in a blow and stick RIP MURDERER on it!

This in itself, is a step forward. There have been about 8 fish since then, all passed in natural circumstances (well I had my back turned when I forced Si to do it), and now I am breaking my silence. If anything happens, you are all going to suspect.

Hey - I just had a thought. I'll reiki him. See what happens!

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