Thursday, May 14, 2009

The weekend mood and she's feeling proud

I stole the Sunday Stealing On Thursday, because this is My Friday this week!

Sunday Stealing: The 2 for 1 Meme

1. What is on the walls of your room?
Wallpaper that needs to come off. In fact, I may go up there now and start stripping!
2. What type of music do you listen to?
Right Now I'm listening to Marmaduke Duke, Singing Friday I'm in Love, a Cover of the Fabulous Cure! I like loads. Yesterday I was singing to Risk Astley, and Frank Sinatra.
3. What do you want more than anything right now?
Loads more money. Seriously. I have many things I need to achieve, and for them I need money.
4. Do you get scared in the dark?
Not If I have my Si or any of my Two Children with me. He takes my fear, and they make me brave.
5. What's you worst fear?
Someone sticks an Evil Tomatae In my mouth while I am sleeping
6. If you could anything right now, what would it be?
I would go for a run.
7. What’s the meaningful gift that you’ve received?
Toolibelle gave me a box of "things" all symbolic, a penny so I would never be poor, a tissue to comfort me, a time out so I could have a break, it was simple and beautiful. And yesterday I broke it.
8. Do you have a crush?
Yes, Christopher Lambert, Rick Astley, Mr Shiney Beckham, Robert Downey Junior, I have many many crushes.
9. Who is your favorite celebrity?
Hmmmmm, right now, Mr Shiney Beckham, he is sooooo pretty. I could look at him all day, and slever.
10. Could you fall in love with someone that you know must leave?
I did. I got the whole package, in the Navy, here one day, gone for 7 months the next. My heart was broken.
11. Share a favorite quote of yours.
Love, Laugh, Live
12. What’s your weakness?
Coffee, Tunnocks Tea Cakes, Salt and Vinegar Crisps, Rare Filet Steak, Competitions
13. Do you believe that we all have a soul mate?
Yes, and I have mine.
14. What were you doing before Sunday Stealing?
Friday 5
15. What do you get complicated about the most?
Feelings. Is there anything more complicated than feelings?
16. What turns you off the most from a potential partner?
If he were to love Evil Tomataes
17. What is you worst habit?
Biting my nails
18. When was the last time that you were jealous?
I try not to be, really really really, but, I am always jealous of the fact that my children are fearless and try EVERYTHING.
19. Have you ever had a “friend with benefits”?
Maybe, or where they maybe one-night stands? ha ha ha
20. Do you use sarcasm?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Do I use Sarcasm? Do Bears Like Honey? Do Bee's Buzz?
21. At the moment, what’s you favorite song?
She Wants To Dance with me..... - This is the third song I have written here, the others were Don't let it Rain, and Big Bad Leroy, because these are the ones I sing loudly in the car.
22. What is you favorite day of the year?
23 August.
23. Describe your love life.
24. When was your last one night stand?
Christ a million years ago, I've been with Si for 23 Years..... and all that ended then.
25. How many past lovers are too many?
ha ha ha ha I couldn't possibly say.

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