Friday, November 30, 2007

The Friday 5

The Friday 5

Are you a mentalist or an illusionist?
Most definitely a Mentalist. I'm Reiki Practitioner (with certificates), and you know... after training, I realised that the Reiki was there all the time, I just didn't know what to call it!

You’re on a roll. Do you feel the roll you’re on?
Most definitely. I'm feeling life is good right now, and everything is there for the taking. Watch out World.... cause I'm coming at ya!

How many performances a week?
Everyday is a performance. Each and every single day. My life is my performance. There are no rehearsals.

Is there a little bit of Evel Knievel in you?
Daredevil??? I think so, I think you need to be a wee bitty daredevilish to exist in this world and have people notice you. People who don't dare, don't live.

How much of what you do is physical, by the way?
Getting out of bed, is quite a physical activity; showering, getting dressed and driving to work. Then I muchly sit on my butt all day. Except for those days, when I'm feeling the energy and am driven outside, to partake in the fresh air. In the Evenings, I'm very physical. I have to restrain my husband, chase my children, and every other night, I take a 3 mile walk. That's how physical I am!


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