Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It might have appeared to go unnoticed,

K is unwell.

So unwell she went to the Doctors.

Hair loss, lethargy, poor skin, droopy eye, and a bad case of crying at the X-factor. The Doctor with Sweat Marks under his arm pits and a rare case of BO laughed. What kind of Doctor laughs when a patient is open enough to admit they cry during X-factor? A Cruel Doctor! Get a new one, K".

I said, "you need happy pills". But she hasn't acknowledged that comment at all. I know she needs happy pills, because I used to have (a)Lethargy, and more importantly (b), a bad case of crying at the TV. I understand K's problem. I know that she isn't crying because the X-Factor is so BAD. She is crying, because she is living the emotions of the poor sods who are on the X-Factor.

When I needed the happy pills (the first time), I used to cry at Neighbours. Yes, tragic I know, but there is it. That is how I knew there was something wrong with me.

Well actually that is a lie. I knew there was something wrong with me, when I took the continental quilt cover off my bed, dragged it into a cupboard, got inside it, and cried for 3 hours.

My Doctor thought I was pregnant, (till he met me - I had my first consultation down the phone, I wouldn't leave the house).

The Taxi Driver recognised that part of the problem was the Mad 80 year old next door. His words to me, as he drove me home (still crying), when he dropped me at the house was " oh, If I lived next door to that lunatic, I'd be crying too".

However, the reality is a chemical imbalance. I'm prone to it. A logical person could see it. I'm either very very up, or very very very very down. With happy pills, I am a more logical, balanced person, and those around me do not suffer the slings and arrows of my manic mood swings.

The saddest part of my first outbreak of HappyPillitus was the after crying at the lunchtime edition of neighbours, I would then take my seat at 5.25 for the tea-time repeat, praying that it would be happier than the lunch time one??

Figure that.


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