Sunday, April 13, 2008

Can't tell my friends cause they will laugh

Last day of my holidays. Officially.

Start of a new me. Seriously.

Si bought scales yesterday. I vowed not to stand on them, but I did.

BIG Mistake.

Anyways, after having stood on them, I haven't stood still all day. I've cleaned kitchen, bathroom, all the windows, my bedroom, done washings. I've decided on my exercise programme - walking first thing in the morning. Bouncing after dinner, and a cycle later on. Surely to god, if I'm doing all that each and every day, and of course, watching what I am eating.. then the scales will make me less unhappy?

I've learned that I can't be fixated about getting rid of all the weight at one time.

Mindfulness says that you can only be concerned with the here and now, and that is fine. I'm quite content in myself, and just want to improve... the future is all good.

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