Sunday, April 06, 2008

Ya know when that shark bites, with his teeth, babe

Scarlet Billows.... start to flow.

I was listening to Jazz tonight..... Scottish Youth Jazz Orchestra, and also the Scottish Youth Orchestra. They were brilliant. There was about 120 of the Youth Orchestra... and 15 of the Jazz. Both completely different, but totally brilliant in their own genre.

I wish every brass ensemble would play Mac the Knife tho. There is nothing quite like the sound of trumpets blasting that out.

Of course we were sitting next to the lunatic of the audience. Thru the Orchestra, he was fine. Well behaved and quiet. I reckon that he had brought a date to Jazz Concert to impress her with his fine music taste, but I fear that the out of step tap dancing while seated will have failed to impress. It certainly wasn't impressing Mater who was sending out hate signals like you wouldn't believe. The chap in front of him, must have been going demented. he was kicking the chair every time he stamped his foot, out of time with the music.

Jees. Folk!

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