Thursday, April 24, 2008

The only one that stole my heart away..............

So, there I was standing all alone, against the bar in Pebbles.

I had gone out with my mate, and her new husband and her sister, and two brothers, and during the course of the evening she had managed to fall out with each and every one of them. The climax to the evening came when she returned from the toilet to find me and her husband of 2 weeks dancing together. She stormed on to the dance floor and belted him and stormed off in a rage. There was a bit more to'ing and fro'ing but suffice to say, end of the night I was left all alone.

There were plenty of people I knew so it wasn't so bad, and I had everyone's drinks to finish! So I was okay.

Then I saw him. He was walking back and forward from the dance floor to the edge of the room right in front of me. I watched this performance about 6 or 7 times, and laughed to myself.
I turned round to finish my drink and then there he was beside me.

He's still there.

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