Monday, April 07, 2008

Why am I up the tree, you say? Why are you down there, I say?

Holidays are great.

Got up late (ish), had a coffee with my boy, and then took him down town to buy birthday presents for two of his mates. Once we got them something, we hit the Lido for Breakfast. Yummy.

Lovely lovely atmosphere that place has. We sat in a booth and eye'd everything up. I think Dude was impressed by quality of waiting staff...and the food. I could see him looking at the bar, imagining himself standing there, entertaining the lay-dies! Hmmm he's such a hussy. He had Bacon, Pancakes and Maple Syrup. I had Banana and Toffee Muffin. Scrummy and latte!

Then we came home and upset Si and Eilidh because we had been out for eating and they hadn't. Tool went away out with L and B and Si and me headed for B&Q - am so keen to get the bedroom done. We decided while we were out that we would give the bathroom a makeover. They had some very reasonable suites. And Si is happy to give it all a bash himself!!!

Mmm. I just need to reorganise the finances.


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  1. You are seriously doing bedroom?
    I thought you were kidding. What colour(s)?