Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well I guess it would be nice.... If I could

Oh Wow.

Is Thursday already. I've had a lovely day today. We got up, sharpish, had breakie -and now i've gone GI, so I had porriage. Yum.

Then we drove to Glasgow, well Renfrew to be exact or more even more exact, Xscape. We had a lovely bimble around and went for food in Tony Romas. Yummy. I had Onion Loaf. - Well half onion loaf, kids had spud skins, and Si had Baked Potato Soup??, then the boys had Ribs, and I had Thai Chicken Salad and Tool had Caesar Salad. Then believe it or not, we had crunchy apple with Ice cream and toffee sauce, and tools had a sundae which she beautifully splattered all over the table in an attempt to remove fruit.

Lovely child.

Then we had a wee bimble around silverburn kids bought some clothes. And now we are home.

I'd love to go to bed. But that would be cheating!

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