Thursday, April 03, 2008

Been Working.. So Hard, Keep Punching My Card...

Wow, I have had such an exhausting week!

I was knackered from the walk on Sunday,,,, but surprisingly not too stiff.

Work has been non-stop all week, aggravated by the fact that I am off next week, so I have to make sure EVERYTHING is up to date by tomorrow. I worked til 5.40 tonight just to finish something off so I can start fresh again tomorrow.

Yesterday, Wednesday was Christof's birthday, and I got a cake from O'Really's.... and dropped it when I fell in the office! I went straight over. Clunk! Splat. all over the floor. Hard down on my knees. I thought maybe my dancing display would be out of the question - my knees were nipping so bad.

I made it though. And it was great fun. The rehearsal room had curtains up -sectioning the room into 3 -and we were all singing and dancing - it was a great atmosphere. And - we didn't do too badly at our dance either.

ha ha - This isn't really us. We were far better than that!!! ha ha ha

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  1. Bums, I forgot you were off next week.