Friday, April 11, 2008

The Friday 5

Friday 5
Among your acquaintances, who’s the best screamer?

Acquaintance.....well Son's Acquaintance.... Cat. She doesn't speak, she screams constantly, even when she is being pleasant and friendly. Is all WAAAAHHHHH

When was the last time you had to shout in order to be heard?
I'm a bit loud at the best of times. I don't really think that I shout. I tend to repeat myself over and over in order to be heard... "can we have a cat...can we have a cat...can we have a cat...can we have a cat..."

When was the last time you cheered for anything?
I cheer on my kids. Oaft. This is when I'm maybe noisy. I'm embarassing mum. I shout so loudly to support my kids. I may not understand the rules of what they are playing but when they do good... I Cheer. LOUDLY

Whom did you last yell at?
Son. I didn't really yell at him. We had quiet talk. I am much much more threatening when I talk quietly, cause I am so noisy the rest of the time!

When did you last lose your voice, or at least find yourself hoarse?
I can't remember. Oh yes, I can. When I had a really really bad infection which affected my asthma. I could barely speak, what am I talking about, I could barely breath. My breathing reminded me of that death rattle you hear in films. Lovely. All better now tho.

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