Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Razzamatazz and A Rooty Toot Toot


So far, am liking it! Maybe that is to do with the fact that I've taken a days holiday, which is always good. But A Mid-Week one is something Special! I woke to cards from my gang, a noisy one from Si, A Cheeky one from Steve and a beautiful hand made one from Tooli. Steven had bought me a Rick Astley CD - FANTASTIC. I love Rick Astley, Eilidh had drawn a family portrait - the likeness of me is SCARY. Si has bought me something but it hasn't been delivered yet........ I sit waiting to see if it arrives this morning.

Am just going to go and shower and then head out for 5000 steps!

See Y'all Later

Check me out... On the Cover of Playmate! ha ha ha ha Brilliant. Thank you Kirst! I Lurve it!

I'm not bad looking for such an old Bird!

Wow. Sad End to my Birthday day.

I went to Tap Tonight. I missed it last week for the Opening of Cechinnis, and was looking forward to a good dance round the room. All the ladies were saying "o m g , it is awful, worse than before". But I went in, and yes, it was. It was hopeless. I don't know what he expects of us - I'm one of the younger ones... and tonight I was incapable. He wants us to be all bouncing about like Billy Elliot on Speed. Its just not going to happen.

I just thought to myself, there is no point in me spending money, and dragging myself along here when it is just no fun.

So at the end, he was handing out the steps, and I just said "no thanks, I'm not going to come back, it just isn't fun any more". I won't say he pleaded with me to stay - but I'm not one of the best dancers - but hey - it wasn't about the dancing, it was about having fun!

And it isnt

That being said, I'm still feeling good for being 44!

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