Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I've found my groove and I just can't lose

Holidays are lovely. I truely would love to be rich, and do nothing all day. I had a long lie, and then got up and took Toolibelle to Lido for Breakfast. This is becoming a habit I could learn to love. This morning it was Croissants - mine with butter and jam, Tooli's with Ham and Cheese -toasted. Yum. Tool had freshly squeezed orange juice, and I had a pot of tea. Wow We are so good to ourselves.

We left there to go and replace Si's mug which he broke, - that is the second one in two weeks, Me thinks that subconciously he doesn't like Tigger!

We went to put an appointment on for Eilidh to get her Hair cut, and they had a vacancy there and then so she stayed, and I went for wander. When I got back she was almost done -looking fantastic.

When we got back, Si had put the trampoloine back up....Tool was delighted, but we stopped her from bouncing cause my part of the putting up, was to sew up the padding and laces to stop Tool falling thru the springs. I stood outside, and stitched it all up with fishing line... my hands were freezing when I was finished. And now I'm just sitting playing scrabble. I love scrabble. I just hate it that people that can play, won't play with me!

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  1. Grrrrr. I am SO jealous. I want to be on holiday! Even tho I've only been back at work for 1.5 weeks.

    Works is just so pants and really interferes with life.