Sunday, April 20, 2008

My racing heart, is just the same;

So there I was, ironing by the bedroom window. I've taken to doing it up there with my Ipod in, looking out the window, cause I can just loose myself in another world.

So anyways, there I was, standing doing the ironing, and these two wee pains went past. I watched them closely cause they looked like they were looking for trouble..... but they appeared to pass without event. Until....

out the corner of my eye I spotted a little flickering light... wasstha? I thought. I looked closer (cause my eye sight isn't brilliant, and I very rarely wear my glasses), but then I realised it was a little flame. I moved round the ironing board, and looked closer out the window. The flame was coming out of someone's recycling bin. So I shouted to Boy, "Oi, have you got shoes on". Boy shouts back, "nope"; I says, "The bin's on fire across the road", Boy Shouts, "right".

I grabbed my jug I was using for ironing and had about 1/4 pint of water in it, and started to run across the road.

By the time I bounced across the road, I had about 1/4 of 1/4 of a pint, and I splished it in. It had absolutely no effect. So I bounds up to the door, and I says "Hello, I'm Steven's mum, - Your paper boy", and she says "oh hold on I'll get your money", So I says..... "no no no - Your bin is on fire, I need some water to pour in it". And She sticks her head out the door and says "oh, dear, I wonder how that happened", and I said, "can we worry about that later, can I come in and get some water?"

She says "my husband is just out of hospital today", and I says "can I come and get some water". and eventually she says, "yes of course". So I dash in, run past the husband, fill the jug up, run back out - all the while she is saying to her husband, "that is Steven's mum, you know the paper boy, but she's in for some water". Oh Flip, I'm glad I just started running in and out, cause the bin would have burnt down if I'd stood there for the introductions.

Anyways, I got the fire out, and promised I'd put their bin out in the morning, and went back to my ironing.

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