Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And nothing is impossible ..........

Is a beautiful day, seriously. Weather forecast was for lower than average temperatures, and rain. Hmmm. it must be doing that somewhere, else there would be no need for weather forecasters on the TV if all they do is predict something that is utter rubbish?
This picture doesn't really do the day justice. I wandered away from work round to the South Beach, and sat on a bench with a Latte from Coletta's Italian Deli (which is about as far away from an Italian Deli as I have ever seen in my life). the latte was lovely though.
There was a young mum sitting next to me, taking 5 minutes out of the hectic life that you get when you have a baby., engrossed in a magazine but checking every two minutes, that her wee tiny baby was still okay. (which it was).
It always amazes me how distressing some people find mother hood. It really takes no time at all - and you've got someone there all the time to talk to. Is brilliant. Maybe I just had two extraordinary babies, but mine pretty much slept thru - smiles a lot and even slept during the afternoon so I could catch a couple of zz'ds. I remember one week, when Boy No 1, woke every evening about 1030, and yowled for 30 minutes. It didn't matter what you did- he just kept yowling. I think wrapping him tightly in his blanket did the trick eventually. But that was it. One week out of .... not very long at all.
Boy No 1 is 17 in two weeks. I can't believe it! Where did the time go? My first baby is going to be learnig to drive, and in all honesty apart from the constant stream of money - he won't need me any more....... wowser.

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