Thursday, August 07, 2008

Home Again, Cross the Seas

there is a man standing in front of me, who's boat went down a fortnight ago.

it tipped right over, sideyways, and they all had to jump off, and leap into the life raft.

It didn't completely sink, and it drifted all the way to Ayr, which is about 20 miles down the coast (it might be not as far as the crow flies (or swims as the case may be). Wowee. Amazing eh?
This isn't it..... I did ask if he took any photos, but he said "no camera, no time". humph.
How exciting eh? to experience this and live thru it. Scarily Exciting.
ps : jo..... if you are reading this, can you email Aunt Sheila....she hadn't heard from you.

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