Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's A Special Place, Where Your Dreams All Come True

Okay - So now I have come out of the stupor of yesterday. Jees I was not good at all.

Today I have to work, and tonight, I'm off to the Wedding of Christof Lammie and the Lovely Kirsty. Not this lovely Kirsty, but another one.

I cannot believe how awful I was yesterday. It scares me that I was so desperate to get home I drove in the condition I was. I thank Carl Hiaasen that he kept me focused to get down the road. What a Guy. Please read his books, they are soooo amusing.

So anyways Friday night. Began in the Etap Hotel at the Quay in Glasgow. What a place. £31.00 Squid for the room. Can you believe it! Three adults can stay in the room - Double and single bunk. Perfectly Clean and Cheap as Chips.
Kirsty and me met there and had a wee swallie of Spicey Rum and then headed out by Joe Baxi to the City Centre. We went to Topolino's, a little Italian restaurant in Sauchiehall Street. We were running kind of late, so we only managed one course - but each of us thought that it was great, and if we had more time, we would have been there all night enjoying I think!
After that it was a mad dash down Sauchiehall Street to make our seats for Flash Dance The Musical. Headlining act was Bruno from Coronation Street. Quite odd as his part was rather small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. There was a very "special" person in the audience who was prone to making rather large grunting noises every so often, much to the delight and amusement of all around, and enamoured everyone even more so when declaring about 20 minutes from the end "Rat's Noel Fae Hearsay". Yes, I think we had figured that out earlier.
It was lovely- much singing and dancing. Exactly like the film in fact, except that it wasn't on set - but all re-created on stage. Is very clever how they give impression of different places and how they changed the set.
After Flashdance - which ended in Standing Ovation. (Mostly Ithink because everyone had to stand to see the stage when the loonies at the front all insisted on Standing to Dance), we headed to Griffen, where we nearly got in a fight. This brut of an ape, poked Kerry in the the shoulder and indicated for her to move along the bar. As Kirsty and Me commented that it was the sheer size of his girlfriend which required us to move along Apeman started "oi, being a pair of smart c&*t's now are you". To which we tried to look as innocent as possible. Hmmm
Pub closed and we headed back to the hotel, and spied the Casino. Kerry didn't think we'd get in (a) as we were pissed and (b) as we weren't dressed for it.
However, as we toddled over, being eye'd by the doormen, we were pleasantly surprised, to be allowed in, and didn't have to pay. Kirsty was ID'd which for an Over 18's police and considering Kirsty is 30 in 3 months, not bloody bad going. The cheeky sod, said "you are okay" to me! huhmph! Kerry had to leave her Rucksack at the door, probably because they thought she was a suicide bomber, but they laughed are Kirsty's bag. Being the size of a sausage roll. Talking of which I was most upset not to find sausage rolls.
I thought in Casino's pretty laydies wandered around with silver platters of caviar and sausage rolls. Not this one. Plenty of pretty ladies in long dresses, but they were doleing out cocktails and chips. Bit sad also that most of the table were digitised. Not many chips running about - they are computerised too. How weird was that?
We found the bar - hard to miss - it ran the length of the room, and settled in for some lovely cocktails. Kerry and I started with a lovely Mint Mojito, and Kirsty varied from round to round.
I can't remember them all, but I do remember that the Death in the Afternoon made from Absynth and Champagne was a particularly bad idea (thanks Kerry), but that the Silver Surfer was Gorgeous. The Bailey chasers in between were also very refreshing.
About Three oclock as Kirsty fell asleep at the table, we decided it was time to head. Kerry grabbed a taxi at the front door and we headed back to the hotel. With me fending off lesbean attacks from Kirsty. Amazing how she keeps that up even when half asleep and totally pished.
We passed out more than slept, and when I woke at 6.30 I dragged myself to my bag for a headache pill.
By 9.30 I realised that the possibility that I may die was pretty real. And so decided to heave my load and try and get down the road to the safety and security of my bed.
Which i did. And then took the rest of the day, and most of the night to recover from.

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