Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're Soaring.... Flying... .There's not a

What Can I say.......

I admit it.

I went to High School Muscial The Stage show Last Night......with the Tool.....


I Loved It.

The sheer cheeseyness of it makes you giggle, but the enthusiasm of the performers knocks you off your seat. Yes, at the end I was "soaring and flying" along with the rest of them.

I was doubly impressed that the cast performed there all, despite the fact that there were about 300 under 5's in the audience, who couldnt undertand why it wasn't working like the Sky TV version - and caused a constant chatter in the audience asking "but why, but why" and "he's not Troy, and He's not Chad".

It was easy to shut them out tho - the set changes were brilliant, the singing was infectious and although I was dreading it, I came out giggling and singing like a 10 year old. Boy would have loved it although I think I would have struggled to get him thru the door. Tool was away with it, and came home clutching her East Lake high School Sweats!

Way - Hay - British First Gold - Nicole Cooke, Cycling! Go Nicole!

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