Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Friday 5

The Friday 5

What was the last song that stuck in your brain and wouldn’t go away?

Elvis AInt Dead.... And Your Coming Back....... Scouting for Girls. Any of their songs I think actually - they all have a fantastic beat which just catches and don't let go.

What’s something that sticks around long after you wish it would leave?
The pain in my throat after I have been very very sick. Last weekend, Wee-devil took me out, got me wasted and made me be sick in the morning.

To what use did you put your last sticky note?
I put sticky notes on invoice I give to Ruari. he buys stuff and never tells me what they are for?

When did you last have
Pixy Stix?
Pixy stix aint available in the UK, but I understand they are candy straws. I'm having Peanut M&M's while I type! Does that count?

What is something you are a stickler for?

Honesty. I hate liars. Hate them.

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