Monday, August 18, 2008

Wet Bus Stop, She's Waiting, His Car Is Warm and Dry

I went back to tap tonight! Jeesus. I'm knackered. Shit. I can't believe how bloody exhausted I am. Seriously I want to go to bed.

Today was weird. There was a feeling in the air. K thought it might be a Tsunami coming, but I don't think so.

There was an awfulness hanging over everyone, and I couldn't lift it. I wonder if it was R who brought it with him. He has a sadness, and maybe that is what it was. It wasn't good.

I think I just deleted a line there.

Jees, I have to go and sleep.


  1. Janey Dandelion9:19 pm

    Who is R??

    I only know Robert Downey. And Robbie Williams.

    Big Sexy is B so not him.

    Hmm. Riccardo Guzzi (remember him?)? Ummmm Ooh Rocky Robin its a mighty might choc to bite!

  2. Lizzy Rhododendron10:08 pm

    I bet your hairs were traumatised at the crappy weather and were sending bad vibes down from your head into your being.

    My hairs were so traumatised today that some of them went curly.