Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I don't wanna, talk about it.

You know that somedays you wake up and you know you don't want to talk? Today is one of those days.

I dived, literally dived out of bed at 6.40 this morning, I mis-heard Bunty on the radio (yesh I hate listening to her too, but it is the dread of hearing her that makes me get up). I thought she said twenty past, not twenty to. Humph.

I had offered to do Boy's paper round this morning, since he was out late last night at a murder mystery party, I think it was put together to "celebrate" the exam results.

Bimbling up to the Spar I realised I was quite happy to be out on my own and wandering. It was raining but even that didn't bother me.

I drove Si into work, cause his car has gone into the garage for a bit of TLC. Neither of us barely spoke. He was really really tired.

So I am here now.....and have loads of work today, so I'm head down and doing what I can, without commuication

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