Sunday, August 03, 2008

I told Everybody that we were friends....... But This is

I love Edinburgh, you know that.

I truely truely adore Edinburgh, and I have just had a glorious weekend.
Overnight Stay in Edinburgh, with Fringe Shows Thrown in and Tattoo 1030 Performance, with Fireworks. Aw. It was just brilliant brilliant brilliant. Travelodge, Haymarket. There's a Funny Place, not your typical travelodge.

Built into a row of terraces in the new town - they have squished as many as their standard rooms into, heaven's I don't know about 8 terraced houses? maybes.
Room was lovely - more than ade
quate - double bed, sofa bed, and pull out bed, bathroom with shower. Mum and Aunt Martha came - they had a room a floor down from us -and we checked in early and then all headed into the town.

Straight up the Mound, and onto the Royal Mile to soak
up the atmosphere of the Fringe Artistes.

There were street performers everywhere - It is a shame that now it is set up so that they all have allocated spaces and time slots but I suppose there are so many people that it needs this level of organisation.

After watching a few street shows we went for something to eat.
After - Mum and Martha went to P leasance to pick up their Janey Godley tickets and we headed to the Under Belly. We picked up t
ickets for X-files Improv, with Dean Haglund, who was one of the three Lone Gunmen in X-files.
That was a real laugh out loud giggle. Tool really enjoyed it even tho she didn't think she would. It is amazing how these people manage to fill an hour so quickly. I want to go back.
We went for a drink after, and then headed in to Carl Donnelly vs John Robins vs Predator - mmm. This was in Udder belly 3, which is a fantastic venue - little dark cellar like cave. Carl came on and encouraged every one to move forward. Bearing in mind the place could hold probably 30 people tops - there were only about 12 of us there, so we all moved forward. He was a lovely genuine guy who made us laugh out loud. He had mad stories, and we sniggered madly as you would if listening to a mate talking shit. I loved him.

His pal came on - John, and I think John was maybe a wee bitty worse for wear. I think he was depressed at low numbers -the day before had been cancelled. But he had a great method of c
hoosing which stories to tell. Random words in a book which he read out and we shouted when we heard a word we liked.

He had rather a weird rant about another comedian which appeared rather vicious - but I think there was something personal there.

Anyways.... we left there. Went to A chinese buffet, it was lovely. then headed back up to the Royal Mile to make our way to the Castle for the Tattoo. Look - we ran up these stairs. Well that is a lie. Si and I walked very slowly,wheezing and coughing. Tool ran half way - and Steve ran the whole way.

O M G the numbers of people.

The Police and soldiers were diverting all people into the Terrace down past the Castle and they wouldnt let anyone on to the Castle Terrace until they had walked down the road. Waaaaa.

Anyways we got in, the seats were high, and hard, and squished together. Luckily I was between Si and Tool and didn't have to rub legs with anyone I didn't know. However, I did have someone's knees in my shoulders and my knees were on someone's head. The tattoo was fantastic though. Really brilliant. So so so enjoyable. MArching bands, military bands, country dancers - very Scottish but very lovely. Images being projected onto the castle, and then the beautiful fireworks at the end. Finishing with the Lone Piper on the ramparts of the Castle, it was everything I was hoping for.

We then had an hours walk home. I was exhausted.

Today, we got up, ate everything we could at breakfast - and Mum and Martha didn't pay - they thought I had paid. - Anyways the staff were
all to hungover from their drinking session at the bar the night before to notice I think!

We headed into the town for the Festival Parade....boy the place was busy. We wandered thru the Grassmarket, getting caught in possibly the heaviest rain every in the history of the world.,and then walked up to the Royal Mile, down Cockburn street, and into the gardens.

Si and the Sprogs went up to the top
of the Scott Monument. I didn't even attempt it. I figured my legs were at breaking point - besides which I honestly didn't think that if I met anyone on the stairs that I would be able to get my fat arse around them!!! In the picture to the left - that is me - in black on the edge of the grassy verge - next to the group of people.

Parade came and went - tattoo people, harley davidsons and festival / fringe people, and we started to head back to the car. We made it back at 1600. - Headed off to Glasgow Direction and left Mum and Martha on the M8.

We headed into Fort, and got a Coffee - I don't care what people say I LOVE Starbucks
. We also got tickets for a Christopher Brookmyre even in September. I am Such a huge fan. I'm really looking forward to his next book,.Will buy it and get him to sign..... Lovely lovely

But now - am exhausted . Am going to bed shortly. Wonder if my legs will work tomorrow.

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