Tuesday, August 05, 2008

right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round

Yesterday I received a lovely packet from my favourite lesbean.

The Lovely K had sent me, via Israel...(Don't ask- her favourite Ebayer or something), a Silver necklace shaped in the words "Lenny" with a heart.

How gorgeous! I wish she would remember to call me it tho... she changes my name every five minutes...".

But nevertheless, I love the necklace, and will wear it always and espcially when in the company of fellow lesbean.

I'm back to walking at lunchtime. I had a quick sprint today down to the end of the pontoons and back again - back to F pontoon and down, and then all the way up C and back.

At least I think I did - Jees, my brain is hopeless I can't remember a thing. I'm pretty sure that is where I went, that was where I intended to go. but hey look at this. A crab. That definitely was on F pontoon. I seen 2, loads of fish and many many shrimp.

Tell me this... why do shrimps never look quite as appetising in the water as they do on the plate?

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  1. I will remember now that you have your name emblazoned right above your bosom.
    I cant even remember what I used to call you. Its on the tip of my tongue tho.