Monday, August 04, 2008

Living With You, You Know You're Making Me Mad

the seniors passed in Troon with nothing exciting happening.

When the Open happened 4 years ago, I was In hospital having my hysterectomy, I watched bits on the TV to see home, and when I got home, I was too weak to get into the town to enjoy the atmosphere.

Drinking laws were relaxed and the main street was closed off to traffic and a football match took place down the length of it -people spilling out the pubs to take part. A certain ex-member of take that, drinking in one of the local bars - which still has bottles of lemonade on the bar for you to add your own mixer.

I was kinda looking forward to the Seniors - hoping that the town would be abuzz.

the closest we got was when we took Steven out to the Marine hotel to hand his application in - the road was closed off -so we drove thru the barriers. Outside the Marine... there were "no admittance" signs, so we drove in. Steven bounced out the car as some well-to-do gentlemen stood in the doorway taking in the view with their pre-dinner aperatifs

-"Run up the red carpet Stevo" (for there was one). Tee hee. and off he took.

Outragous stuff. eh?

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