Sunday, December 09, 2007

I watched and went out of my mind

Today, my boy was at a selection training session for the Scottish National volleyball squad, for a game coming up 20 and 21 December. He says he wasn't nervous, but I have never seen him leave the house as quickly as he did this morning, and we had to drag Tool out the house mid-tooth brush (which she didn't forgive us for).

We got him there in plenty of time, and then left him to his fate! We had to leave him .... is something he can only do by himself, and us sitting watching and waiting wasn't going to help him. I have been so nervous all day , and now we sit here, knackered, and we still don't know. An email is getting send out tomorrow. And so we wait.

During the 6 hours of training. (YOu should have seen the sweat on them all ), we drove to Livingston, wandered around the Livingston Designer Outlet. Looked for Shoes for Eilidh EVERYWHERE. Then drove to Glasgow Fort, quite nice, actually, the piped Christmas music was everywhere, coming out of the walls, so was quite festive.

We found Santa and I went for a hug. Santa was a big dumbfounded. There are all these PC regulations these days about no touching, but hey -It's Santa, and I needed a cuddle, unfortunately Santa was slightly smaller in height than me, but aw well, I got my cuddle!

Jees. Life Is Exhausting. Work again tomorrow. And I've downed a 3/4 bottle of wine. Yum. I needed to. Am very stressed for my boy, and HE SAYS I HAVEN'T TO READ HIS EMAILS TOMORROW. HE WANTS THE NEWS!!!! NIGHTMARE!

Anyways. I thought I would leave you with a little Sensational Alex Harvey Band... this has to be one of the best pop performances of all time. FANTASTIC.


  1. Did you get your cuddle before you had that bottle of wine or after? How cute.

  2. Oh Before.... I don't think Santa would have appreciated drunk mum! tee hee.