Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I believe in angels, when I know the time is right for me

Went to a Christmas Concert last night at the school, which was nice. Well, Christmassy. Some of the turns were a bit suspect... hmph,, I think that was bad, considering I didn't have any kids performing. Well none of my own. Steven's gang - Keith, Gayle, Laura, and Jamie - oaft, and James were performing and individually they were great. Saying nothing else.

Anyways, went, and it was freezing. The nights are getting longer and longer and colder and colder. My hands still haven't warmed up. Brrrrrrr.

Si came home this afternoon. I was looking for the ferry and he phoned to say he was standing by the car. He couldn't believe the cold either. So I headed out, had a quick snog and then he came home. Him and Steven are away out tonight, Scouts/Explorers night out. They are at the Maharani and Ten Pin Bowling.

Me and Eilidh are just sitting here FREEZING.


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