Monday, December 31, 2007

How can I compensate... for my indiscretions dear

Jesus. I've had to suffer it again; My daughter re-enacting my performance last night. How many times can a mother take this?

Her "Have a Good time last night mum"

Me - Dies on spot and thinks "..... it's been forever....... She had been in her bed for about 3 hours.....She must have been sleeping.... I'm sure I kept my mouth shut.............
but says

"Yes, Petal I did, Your dad is a stud muffin".

Her " I never thought it was going to end.... it lasted three songs"

Me - "Si" (Loudly to bring him in to the joyous conversation)

- Guess what?........... you lasted three songs last night.....That must be some kind of record".

And so the discussion went on for some 30 minutes or so, Son joining in as well, to admit that he thought his sister had been hallucinating......while both children discussed the relative merits / problems / hysteria of having parents who have sex.

I think they should be grateful that they have the same two parents, who have beeen together for 21 years and STILL WANT to have sex!



  1. Pillows were made for screaming into.

  2. yeah, and I did have it over my head!!!!

  3. ROFLOL!! oh, I so know how you feel...OMG!!! :DD
    (she says, very red-faced!! ;D)

  4. Ps....well, as far as the teens 'hearing', what about this one.... ;D